Special Dryfruit Gajak (500g)

Rs. 460

Every Indian house has a jar of yummy gajak to satisfy the winter cravings. Undoubtedly, gajak is the most healthier snack that an Indian mother could give her child to show pure love and care.

With enormous compassion to the real taste of northern India, we are here presenting Dryfruits Gajak that is made with 100% natural and healthy ingredients with no preservatives. Each piece of gajak has been carefully curated with lots of love. The blend of sesame seed and jaggery with the combination of Cashews, pistachios, and cardamom in liquid glucose is truly defining the heavenly taste.

Every ingredient in this confection offers health benefits. While the combination of sesame seeds and jaggery is better for the skin as well as organs' health, dried fruits are a rich source of fibres and nutrients that offers various health benefits.
Therefore, having luscious dry fruits gajak during cold days can be super delightful and healthy as well.

Ingredients: Sesame Seeds, Jaggery, Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Cashewnuts, Clarified Butter (Ghee), Pistachios, Cardamom, Black Cardamom

  • Net Weight: 500 (Grams/Pack)

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