Buy Authentic Taste of Khasta Morena Gajak Online (500g)

Rs. 400

The foods that keep you warm are the most preferred during the winter days. One of the greatest of them is - Gajak. The love for gajak is endless and fortunately, this pleasing dessert is warm enough to add to a winter diet.

Using pure clarified butter (shudh desi ghee), this murena gajak is prepared with a royal blend of sesame seeds and jaggery. A punch of cardamom and cashews is making this dessert a luxurious one. Moreover, the involvement of glucose is making the murena gajak an energetic food.

For over five centuries, sesame seeds are known for their outstanding nutritional value. They are highly rich in copper, magnesium, and calcium as well as various vitamins and minerals. The addition of jaggery is good to cleanse your body, improve digestion, and provide good amounts of minerals.
The use of jaggery is to sweeten the gajak in a healthy manner. Therefore, along with having a savoury and crispy taste, murena gajak is a healthy snack for the winters.

INGREDIENTS: Sesame Seeds, Jaggery, Black Cardmon, Sugar, Glucose,.

  • Net Weight: 500 (Gram/pack)

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