Crunchy Double Mazza Peanut Chikki (500g)

Rs. 360

As the temperature changes, our body requires foods that can keep us healthy and stable. And in the deep cold days with shivers and chills, we can't just go grab an ice cream to satisfy our hunger for dessert.

But are you comfortable keeping aside the cravings of taste buds?

🥰 Well, don't worry, we are blessed with warm foods that can create a super delightful dessert.
Peanut, sesame seeds, and jaggery are what we got here. Combining these three, we made a crispy and crunchy Double Mazza Chikki. It is not just flavorful, but also healthy, warm, and perfect for the winters.
We tell you, it is a must-have snack for any time.

The ingredients in this luscious chikki like peanuts and jaggery are good for the skin. Peanut contains multivitamins and offers a variety of health benefits. Moreover, sesame seeds in pure ghee (sourced directly from farms of Rajasthan) offer better nutrient absorption, increased fat-burning, improved hormone levels, lower blood pressure, and cholesterol. The list of benefits is endless. So now, you must have understood that why you should have the Crunchy Double Mazza Peanut Chikki.

INGREDIENTS: Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, Jaggery, Cardamon, Sugar, Glucose.

  • Net Weight: 500 (Grams/Pack)

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