Premium Pistachious Cardmon Tilpatti (500g)

Rs. 460

When it comes to crunchy winter delight, the first name that strikes our mind is - Tilpatti. Getting crispy, crumbly, and sweet in the mouth feels so rich and calming.

We have done here something little extra to bring back the magic of pistachios cardamom tilpatti through the flavours, ingredients, and procedures. The premium pistachios cardamom tilpatti is prepared differently with high-quality pistachios and sesame seeds. Giving it a touch of cardamom flavour, this tilpatti is luxurious to have on winter days.

If we look into the health benefits, pistachios are completely loaded with nutrients that upgrade the overall functioning of the body. Also, they’re high in antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin that stimulate eye health. A combination of sesame seed, cardamom, and pistachios is a tasty and healthy snack for cold days. Have to enjoy the crunch in every bite.

INGREDIENTS:,Pistachios, Sesame Seeds, Cardamon, Sugar, Glucose.

  • Net Weight: 500 (Grams/Pack)

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